Greece Sailing School - ASA Sailing Lessons in Greece - The Athens Sailing Academy

The Athens Sailing Academy is an English speaking ASA sailing school in Greece offering sailing school holidays while sailing in the Greek islands.

Why not learn how to Sail at a school where sun shine and warm waters abound, rather than cold cloudy skies and Foul weather gear. The areas in which we sail, the Argolic Saronic gulf and Cyclades offer excellent sailing conditions. The weather can vary from a placid force 3 to a much more exciting force 6. Its always sunny with clear blue skies and the water temperature in mid summer is very warm. All this makes the need for fleeces and wet weather gear redundant . The islands and ports that you will stop in are typically greek and un-spoilt. You will find many deserted coves and bays where few yachts still go. NOVICE SAILOR TO BARE-BOAT SKIPPER IN 10 DAYS.

The school works with the American Sailing Association teaching scheme which is focused on teaching safe and responsible recreation sailing. The courses that are offered reflect a live aboard style teaching where you sail after you learn from the books. Learning to sailing in Greece offers many challenges not found in other waters, the most common challenge is the 'STERN TO THE QUAY' mooring manoeuvre something that all novice skippers have problems with. For the advanced sailor, join one of our adventure packages, such as our 'Yacht Racing package' or our 'Offshore milebuilder.' Whether it's 'Competent Crew' certification or the 'Bare boat Skippers' License that you seek, we have courses to fit your needs. Check out our 10 Day Bareboat Skipper's Course & Mile Building Course