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		  <p style= Ithaki was the home of Odysseus, Homer's hero that wandered for years before he finally reached his long-lost kingdom and returned to his wife Penelope. Although some archaeologists have identified other islands as ancient Ithaca, today's Ithaki remains the favored archaeological choice.

Still, there is not conclusive evidence as to the location of Odysseus' palace. Ithaki is a small mountainous island, relatively unspoiled by massive tourism. It is separated from Cephalonia by a channel 2 to 4 kilometers wide. The west coast of the island is steep and almost barren in contrast to the green, gentle shoreline on the east.

The capital and main harbor is Ithaki or Vathi. It's a charming town, with some old mansions, nice cafes and restaurants, and three museums: the archaeological, the nautical and the folklore museum. It's also the safest point to leave your yacht and explore the island.