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LefkadaTo get to Lefkada, you don't need to take a boat. Instead you go by car or bus, quickly crossing over the narrow channel separating the coast of Aitolokarnania and the island. It is said that once upon a time Lefkada was united with mainland Greece. Some say the Leleges, its first inhabitants, transformed it into an island; others maintain that the Corinthians dug a trench across the isthmus.

Lefkada is a mountainous island, covered with dense vegetation to the east and south. Its eastern coast slopes gently down to the sea, which is sheltered from the wind and dotted with thickly wooded islets. The most famous of these are Skorpios, Madouri and Sparti. In contrast, the west coast is steep, with a few spectacular stretches of endless golden beach. The capital of the island is also called Lefkada. A tranquil, picturesque town built on a natural harbor, it is composed of distinctive, multicolored wooden houses, whose upper floors are covered with sheet metal. It is from here you 'll set off-over good roads - to explore the island.