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PaxosPaxi is the smallest of the Eptanisa (7 islands) in the Ionian Sea. It's only 8 miles long by 3 miles across and forms together with Antipaxos at a short distance a picturesque cluster of islands south of Corfu. As the legend goes, Neptune, wishing to create a peaceful island where he planned to live with his beloved Amfitriti, struck the southern part of Corfu with his trident and so created Paxos. However, he lost his trident which the Paxiots found later and made it their emblem.

Situated one hour by boat from the crowded Corfu, Paxi offers to the visitor the beauty of turquoise waters, wild flowers, olive trees and sunny beaches On the west coast of the island there are some huge caves and impressive cliffs ( Castanida and Eremites) reaching a height of 180 meters. In contrast, the east coast is covered with olive groves and cypress trees and there are many secluded beaches ideal for sunbathing, some only accessible by boats, which can be hired in the harbor towns of Gaios, Loggos, Laka. Gaios is the island's cosmopolitan capital.