Preveza Sailing

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An enchanting lonian city at the entrance of the Amvrakikos gulf, with a Mediterranean climate, several attractions, cosmopolitan life and entertainment, as well as natural surroundings that both excite and relax the visitor. The narrow alleys, neoclassical houses, belfries (Ayios Athanasios and Profitis Elias), remnants of the Turkish and Venetian presence in Preveza, give the feeling that time has been put on hold. You can enjoy the endless lacework of beaches under Preveza's special sun, which combines with the verdant hillsides and the sea's several shades of blue to intoxicate visitors.
Preveza is fortunate to be surrounded by two very different seas. To the west the lonian is open and to the east the Amvrakikos is closed. Winds in the summer are steady, westerlies to northwesterlies and moderate in both seas, making Preveza an ideal spot for sailing. One can learn the ropes in the safe gulf and then venture out into the open lonian.