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PaxosZakynthos is the southernmost of the Ionian islands. Anyone who came to this island fell under its spell. No one who has been here can forget the emerald green of its sea, its pine-studded mountains, its musical people and their hospitality.

The first thing to welcome you, as soon as you step off your boat, is the town of Zakynthos. Though it lost all but three of its buildings in the earthquake of 1953, the town has been meticulously reconstructed and its former layout has been faithfully preserved.

Zakynthos today has pleasantly arcaded wide streets, spacious squares, imposing buildings and cheerful houses. The Museum of Post-Byzantine Art on Solomos Square contains treasures salvaged from the island's historic churches. In Zakynthos the streets are lined with small cafes and shops selling folk art.

Don't leave before tasting the famous Zakynthos "mandolato" or nougat; it's a real treat. The town is watched over by the Venetian fortress on the hill above. Only the gate, outer walls and battlements still stand. But from this vantage point a spectacular view can be had of the harbour, fertile inland plain and beaches as far as the eye can see