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KyparissiKiparissi is a quiet overnight stop if you want to get away from the crowds. It looks like an old pirate town, with crystal clear waters and a stunning beach. It is best to get your provisions before visiting Kiparissi, as there is a choice of mooring options that can involve a bit of a walk into the small village. In very calm conditions it is possible to free swing in the bay. It is also possible to moor side-to or stern-to on the north quay, which is no longer used by the hydrofoil.

It also has a taverna just up the hill that does very good food and has a shower as well. It also benefits from having a beautiful swimming area nearby - it is about a half hour walk to the village from here. Alternatively it is possible to moor stern or bows to on chapel cove, which has good protection from southerlies. If you moor here light an oil lamp, and the place will become even more stunning. There is also Kiparissi Village Quay, but it is only advisable to moor here in very calm conditions, as a big swell can come in.